Why You Want Your Puppy To Be Fixed

When you get a puppy, you want to take the appropriate steps to ensure you are giving that puppy the care it needs to live a long and healthy life. You also want to ensure you have it properly trained and include activities in your schedule that ensure your puppy gets enough exercise and affection.

Another important aspect of puppy ownership is having them spayed or neutered. If you have a female, then it will be spayed. If you have a male, then it will be neutered. Spaying and neutering are also referred to as 'fixing' your dog. This will make it so they won't be able to reproduce. Here are some of the good reasons for making sure you have your puppy fixed, as well as other important information.

Your dog won't contribute to the overpopulation of dogs

There are already so many dogs in shelters because many people didn't make sure to fix their dogs. You want to make sure you never contribute to the overpopulation of dogs and allow your dog to have puppies that may one day also end up in the shelter. Some breeds can have large litters that can leave someone with a dozen or so puppies to find homes for. It can be difficult to find homes in some cases, and some puppies may end up going to homes where they aren't fixed, and then they will have litters themselves.

Your dog will be easier to keep at home

When a female dog is in heat, she will have a strong desire to mate, and this can cause her to try much harder to get out of the yard and search for a make. If you have a male dog, then they can become very hard to control when there is a female in heat in the area. The male will catch the scent of the female and do everything they can to get to that female. When you have your dog fixed, you will be preventing them from having those strong urges, and this means they will be easier for you to keep on your property. 

Your dog may get in fewer fights

When dogs have a strong drive to mate, they can also become very territorial. This can lead to dogs getting in fights. If you have two females that aren't fixed, then the chances of them getting in fights increase a lot. 


When you take your puppy in for their puppy exam and shots, you want to talk to the vet about having them spayed or neutered. The vet will let you know a good age to have it done, depending on their breed. Reach out to a vet clinic like Johnstown Veterinary Associates for more information.

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