Optimal Quality Care Following Pet-Related Medical Emergencies

Every pet owner hopes their pet has a long and healthy life. However, accidents can happen from time to time. In some cases, the accidents may be serious enough to warrant immediate medical attention. ER veterinary clinics have trained veterinarians specializing in emergency care procedures like acute wound management and non-elective surgical procedures. As unfortunate as visits to the ER veterinary clinic are, they could be the difference between life and death for one's pet.

Dogs, for instance, are playful and like eating anything they find on the ground. A dog may eat a potentially toxic dose of harmful food, requiring immediate medical attention. In other instances, pets may experience blood pressure issues that require a competent veterinary's intervention. Below are some services offered in ER veterinary clinics following emergencies. 

Acute Wound Management

It is common for animals to get hurt while out playing, hiking, or hunting. If the wound is severe, it may require immediate attention from a trained professional to prevent bleeding out. ER veterinary clinics are best suited to handle and manage serious injuries while preventing further contamination. The veterinarian cleans the wound properly while controlling and localizing any contamination in the area. After cleaning and suturing the wound, the veterinarian applies a cast or bandage depending on the extent of the injury. Thus, pet owners should rush their pets to ER veterinary clinics when they notice their pet has suffered an injury.

Non-Elective Surgical Procedures

Pet surgical procedures can either be elective, like spaying or neutering, or non-elective. These non-elective surgeries include an ACL rupture repair, fracture repair after an accident, or surgical removal of malignant tumors. Luckily, most pet surgical operations are low risk and do not pose a great danger in the hands of a competent veterinarian. Moreover, veterinarians only recommend surgical procedures for pets in extreme situations that require immediate medical attention. Thus, pet owners who need emergency surgical procedures because of an injury or a critical care case from advanced sickness should visit an ER veterinary clinic. The clinics have highly trained vets and apply the highest safety standards, boosting your pet's recovery. 

Optimal Quality Post-Op Care

In addition to performing surgeries, ER veterinary clinics are experienced in providing post-operation care. Pets that undergo surgery need a safe and comfortable place to recuperate before leaving. The veterinarian examines and monitors the pets to ensure there are no surgical complications and are improving significantly. Sometimes, pets that undergo an operation and are discharged may experience post-op complications such as ruptured sutures, posing new emergencies. Thus, pet owners seeking surgical and post-operation care should consult veterinarians from an ER veterinary clinic.

For more information, contact a local ER veterinary clinic near you, such as Animal Emergency Clinic, to learn more.

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