5 Benefits Of In-Home Cat Euthanasia

If your cat is very sick and will not respond to treatment, your veterinarian may have suggested euthanasia. The thought of putting your furry family member to sleep is devastating to imagine, but it may be the kindest thing you can do for it. However, instead of taking your cat to the animal hospital, you should think about home euthanasia.

Here are some of the benefits of home euthanasia for your cat.

Provide Comfort for Your Cat

First and foremost, home euthanasia will provide your cat comfort during the last moments of its life. Instead of going to an unfamiliar veterinarian's office, your furry family member will be put to rest in the only home it knows. Your cat will be surrounded with people who love it the most in a familiar place.

Help You Feel At Ease

Putting your cat to sleep in your own home may also help you feel more comfortable. Instead of the public seeing you in tears after you leave the veterinarian's office, you can grieve in the privacy of your own home. 

Avoid Having to Drive Home

If your pet gets euthanized at an animal hospital, you will have to drive home afterward. After experiencing such an upsetting event, you might not be in the best condition to drive a vehicle. You might be in such grief that you lose control of your vehicle. To avoid causing an accident, you should opt for in-home euthanasia. 

Give Relief to Cats With Mobility Issues

If your cat suffers from cancer or other health condition that limits its mobility, traveling to the animal hospital can be especially difficult. The last thing you want to see is your cat in further pain. If you choose in-home euthanasia, your cat will not have to move, and it can spend its final moments in comfort.

Allow for Easier Burial

If you plan to bury your cat on your property, you have another good reason to think about in-home euthanasia. You will not have to drive your cat's body home from the animal hospital, which can be very devastating. 

Now you know all of the benefits of in-home cat euthanasia. If you are thinking about putting your furry family member to sleep at home, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. They will provide more details about the process and answer all of your questions.

Contact a provider of euthanasia services like Paws to Rest to learn more.

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