Three Reasons Why Your Pet Might Need Hospitalization Post-Surgery

Having a pet go through surgery can be a frightening thing for pet parents, but there's nothing to fear, especially if your pet stays at the hospital for care afterwards. Sometimes, letting your pet stay at the vet's office for post-surgical care is a far better choice than bringing them home right away. Here are three reasons why.

Pain Relief

One of the biggest reasons why you might want to leave your pet at the vet's office is because the vet can tend to your pet's pain.

Now, of course, if your pet were to come home they would be given some kind of pain relief medication that you would need to administer. However, IV pain relievers work faster and can be measured to match your pet's weight perfectly, ensuring that they don't receive too much or too little medication for the pain that they're in. This makes a vet stay preferable, especially when your pet is fresh out of surgery.

Wound Care

Taking care of a pet's wounds at home is possible, but it's better for vet professionals to do it. This is because they know all of the techniques and have all of the tools necessary to keep your pet's incisions clean and free of discharge. They can also recognize problems like swelling, redness, and bleeding often more quickly and effectively than a pet parent can. This means that if your pet's incisions develop a complication, it can be treated immediately rather than waiting for you to notice and then to bring them in to the vet's office again.


Lastly, some pets do suffer from complications after surgical procedures, just like humans do. When your pet is at home, keeping an eye on it 24 hours a day can be difficult even for the most dedicated pet parents. However, that's exactly what the vet's office will do.

This means that if your pet has a bad reaction to a medication, develops an infection, or doesn't seem to be recovering the way that it should, the problem will be caught early on and immediately treated. This can mean a big difference in your pet's comfort and health and ensures that they have a rapid recovery.

If your pet needs surgery or you're worried that they might, consider allowing them to stay at the vet's office for the first day or so until they're ready to come home. Doing so will guarantee that your pet recovers as quickly as possible and is in the right hands if anything arises with its incision. To learn more about pet surgery, contact a clinic like Buck Road Animal Hospital.

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