Here's Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Cat If It's Head Pressing A Wall

Cats do a lot of cute things that their pet parents don't fully understand, but not all of their cute behaviors are necessarily a good sign. One of these is head pressing into a wall. If you ever see your cat sitting with its face smushed up against a wall, door, or another surface, it's time to seek medical help. Here's why.

The Difference Between Headbutting and Head Pressing

First off, keep in mind that there's a big difference between a cat pressing their face into a wall and headbutting. Cats headbutt each other and even their humans in an effort to show affection and to mark you or another cat as theirs. It's a rather cute show of affection and perfectly safe.

Head pressing is exclusively a behavior where the cat presses their face into an inanimate object and stays like that for an extended period of time. They may even fall asleep like that.

What It Means

Head pressing may not seem like it means anything negative, but it usually does. Scientists and vets aren't entirely sure why cats perform this behavior, but it usually indicates that there's a neurological problem.

Neurological problems in cats can be caused by lots of things. For example, a concussion might be one type of neurological problem that can cause this behavior. However, even things like poisoning and tumors can cause a type of neurological damage that can trigger this behavior.

Getting Help

Obviously, you can't diagnose your cat just from them pushing their head into a wall. You'll need to head to a vet's office for help. It's ideal to go to one as soon as humanly possible, as the longer you wait, the more likely it is that your cat will experience permanent damage from whatever's causing this behavior. If need be, seek out help from an emergency veterinarian.

In order to determine what's going on with your cat, your vet will perform some tests. This will likely include a blood test to check for poisoning, an eye examination to look for retinal problems or blown pupils (which could indicate a stroke or head damage), and a scan like an X-ray to look for tumors.

The treatment for your cat will depend upon what's happened to them. Rest assured that you'll be in good hands and your vet will work to resolve the issue so that your cat can recover safely.

If you ever notice your cat exhibiting head pressing behavior, you need to seek help from a vet right away. Don't hesitate or the cat could experience permanent neurological damage. Reach out to a medical center like Metzger Animal Hospital for more information.

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