How Animal Hospitals Help With Tapeworm Infections In Outdoor Cats

Cats who spend time outdoors for portions of the day may be exposed to a variety of health problems. For example, some might end up being infected with tapeworms that require the use of a high-quality animal hospital to manage.

Outdoor Cats Are More Prone To Tapeworms

Tapeworms typically spread through animals – and humans – when they are exposed to a worm's eggs. These microscopic eggs are typically found in the waste of infected animals. As a result, outdoor cats may be more prone to this infestation because they are more likely to find or interact with the waste of other animals.

However, tapeworm eggs may also pass into cats through the bite of a flea. Unfortunately, outdoor cats are more likely to be exposed to tapeworm-infected fleas than indoor cats. And while tapeworms aren't necessarily deadly to cats, they may trigger weight loss that could threaten a cat's overall health.

Excessive Weight Loss May Be Dangerous

As tapeworms grow in a cat and start digesting a majority of the feline's food, weight loss and malnutrition are inevitable. And as a cat starts losing body weight, they may start to experience negative side effects.

For example, PetMD states that a weight loss of 10 percent or more may start affecting a cat's organs, muscles, and other areas of the body. Therefore, cat owners need to take immediate steps to address this issue with the help of a high-quality veterinarian.

How Animal Hospitals Can Help

At a high-quality animal hospital, a cat owner can get help preventing and treating tapeworm infestation in their pet. For example, cat owners can receive anti-flea medications that prevent a widespread flea problem on their cats. These medications are particularly important for outdoor cats due to their higher risk of flea exposure.

The veterinarian can then eliminate the tapeworms in the cat by providing strong anti-worm medications. And after the tapeworm has passed from the cat, the vet can track their weight loss and overall health to ensure that the cat isn't suffering. If necessary, the veterinarian can then provide a weight-gain diet routine to strengthen the cat's body.

So if you are worried about weight loss in your cat and think that tapeworms may ave something to do with it, please don't hesitate to contact an animal hospital near you. These professionals can take the positive steps to keep your outdoor cat safe from tapeworms.

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